Spring is the best time to repaint your existing rock swimming pool, rock landscaping or concrete decking. After winter rains and wind, your pool begins to show signs of weathering including the ever annoying efflorescence. The white powerdery scum substance that appears on your concrete around your pool is called efflorescence.

Efflorescence is causEfflorescence on Concreate Swimming Pooled by a combination of circumstances: soluble salts in the material, moisture to dissolve the salts, and vapor transmission or hydrostatic pressure that moves the solution toward the surface. Water in moist, hardened concrete dissolves soluble salts. This salt-water solution migrates to the surface by vapor transmission or hydraulic pressure where the water evaporates, leaving the salt deposit at the surface. Particularly temperature, humidity and wind affect efflorescence.

During this fantastic time of year when your planting new trees and flowers, bringing in new patio furniture and adding new summer touches to your backyard oasis, the last thing you want to look at, is old, faded rock and concrete. A fresh touch will give you an entirely NEW LOOK!

At Rock of Ages Landscapes and Pools, we specialize in dealing with efflorescence, discoloration, faded paint jobs, as well as slow pool slides. Our qualified experts have over 15 years of experience in the industry. Contact us for a FREE estimate, and let’s get you Spring Fresh and Set for Summer!